Medical Statistician vacancy – Health Data Research UK

Written by Josh Stevens
July 17, 2019

Health Data Research UK are seeking an experienced Medical Statistician to analyse high-dimensional data arising from the integration of molecular, genomic and imaging data with clinical information from electronic health records to identify causal risk factors associated with a range of diseases. The post-holder will have access to rich, unique datasets from multiple population and patient cohorts, which include genetic, multi-omic and EHR data.

Candidates should have: i) a Masters or PhD in Statistics or another relevant subject; ii) strong statistical/quantitative skills and knowledge of high-dimensional statistical methods (eg. LASSO, ridge regression); iii) excellent statistical programming skills (e.g. Stata, R); iv) high-level report writing and presentation skills and; v) excellent verbal and written communication skills.

For further information and to apply please visit the vacancy website.