The National Digital Pathology Service for Renal Transplantation

With Gavin Pettigrew, Cambridge University

The National Digital Pathology Service for Renal Transplantation: automated image assessment?

The Pithia trial ( is a NIHR -funded ‘stepped-wedge cluster randomised trial’ that evaluates the impact that introduction of a National Digital Pathology Service has on UK kidney transplant numbers and function. All UK transplant centres are participating and during the trial, kidney biopsies will be digitally scanned and images made available to a consortium of specialist histopathologists located throughout the UK.

Biopsies are evaluated and scored according to a ‘Remuzzi’ system that assesses four architectural features of the kidney: the glomerulus; the tubule; the artery and the interstitium. We are interested in exploring the potential for using a neural learning approach to replicate the scoring system.

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