On Lévy-driven Loewner Evolutions Room changed

With Anne Schreuder (Statslab)

On Lévy-driven Loewner Evolutions

This talk is about the behaviour of Loewner evolutions driven by a Lévy process. Schramm’s celebrated version (Schramm-Loewner evolution), driven by standard Brownian motion, has been a great success for describing critical interfaces in statistical physics. Loewner evolutions with other random drivers have been proposed, for instance, as candidates for finding extremal multifractal spectra, and some tree-like growth processes in statistical physics. Questions on how the Loewner trace behaves, e.g., whether it is generated by a (discontinuous) curve, whether it is locally connected, tree-like, or forest-like, have been partially answered in the symmetric alpha-stable case. We consider the case of general Levy drivers. Joint work with Eveliina Peltola (Bonn and Helsinki).

Room changed

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