How Topology Reveals Structure in Biology

With Iris Yoon, University of Oxford

How Topology Reveals Structure in Biology

We live in an exciting time where new data is generated at an exponential rate. Such data explosion necessitates the development of novel methods for studying large, noisy, and complex data. One interesting aspect of data is its shape and structure. In this talk, I will discuss recent developments in applied topology that studies the structure of data. In particular, I will show how constructions in topology, such as homology and Dowker complexes, and network science, such as hypergraphs, reveal interesting structures in biological data. I will discuss the mathematical challenges of extending these constructions to data science.

The seminar will be held in a hybrid format. We strongly encourage you to participate in person at MR 12 , Centre of Mathematical Sciences, CB3 0WA . Althernatively you can join using the following Zoom link:

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