An industrial researcher’s learning experience Industrial Seminar

With Evren Yarman, Schlumberger

An industrial researcher’s learning experience

Once, a professor of mine teased me asking: “Are you an engineered mathematician or mathematical engineer?”. In order to remove the ambiguity, after receiving my degree, I decided to go to industry with the hope to solve problems by understanding the theoretical aspects with mathematics and address the practical challenges by engineering. For a decade, I have been privileged to do this in a company which was founded on the basis that “science is a great benefactor for the individual and for humanity”. The founders were a physicist and an engineer, brothers, who valued the impact of science and education in developing their business, and conversely business and its role in supporting research and education. In this talk I aim to honor these values. After an introduction of oil field services business of Schlumberger, I will present a potpourri of research projects in seismic exploration I worked on which aimed to understand and model the underlying physics of the problem for inversion in an efficient computational scheme. I will conclude my presentation with current problems we are investigating in sampling of wave fields for their continuous representations.

Industrial Seminar

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