2017 Hamlyn Winter School on Surgical Imaging and Vision

Surgical Imaging and Vision is a growing area of research and an integral part of every endeavour in Robotic Surgery. To familiarise researchers with the cutting edge research of this rapidly expanding field, the Hamlyn Centre for Robotic Surgery, Imperial College London, is organising a dedicated Winter School.

The Winter School focuses on both technical and clinical aspects of Surgical Imaging and Vision, with invited lectures, hands-on demonstrations, workshops, and mini-projects. The School’s focus is to familiarise researchers with the cutting edge research of this rapidly expanding field covering key areas of:

Fundamentals and current state-of-the-art in surgical imaging;
Vision algorithms for tracking, 3D scene reconstruction and surgical navigation;
Intra-operative registration and retargeting;
Multi-modal image fusion and real-time augmented reality systems based on inverse realism;
Robot assisted large area microscopic imaging and mosaicing;
Dynamic active constraints with real-time vision;
Vision enabled surgical robot design and miniaturisation

Participants should have a science or medical degree and typically be at a master, doctoral or postdoctoral level. Four Scholarships will be offered this year to contribute towards your flight and accommodation for attending the Winter School. The scholarships will be announced after successful completion of the Winter School, and will be awarded based on the applicants CV and motivation letter.

The Winter School will take place at the Hamlyn Centre, Imperial College London, from Monday 4th to Friday 8th December 2017. Find out more and apply until 30th October 2017 at http://hamlyn.doc.ic.ac.uk/winterschool/